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Submit a Film

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Submit a Film

The theme for PF #9 is "Reflections".  Submitted materials can be of any genre and don't necessarily have to be comedic. Should appeal to general audiences. Racy, profane, graphic or controversial subjects are discouraged, but all will be considered. Bear in mind that all submissions may not make it into the next festival line-up. If so, they may be included in a later festival. And if you believe your submission is questionable, you can submit an alternate project for possible inclusion.


A team of judges hand-selected from the Improv-Vegas community will be screening the submissions. It is their final assessment that will determine whether your piece is screened at the current festival. These guest judges will receive the pieces on an undisclosed date and will be notifying me of their results only days before the actual screening. The judges will remain anonymous.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submitted films should be no longer than 7 minutes in length.
2. Widescreen format is preferred, but 4:3 full frame video is acceptable.
3. File should be .mov, .m4v, .avi, .mp4, or other file.
4. Must be on a non-returnable CD or DVD disc that is not copy-protected.
5. Name and contact number should be included with or written on disc.
6. Imagery from said films may be included in any promotional trailers.
7. Content--gratuitous sex, violence or profanity is discouraged, but all submissions will be considered.
8. All submissions must be received by April 15th, 2012.

Contact Info

Submissions may also be made over the internet via www.yousendit.com. Their free ftp has a 100mb limit using the Lite Account option under their Sign Up tab (approx. equivalent to a 3 minute film).  If you choose this submission option, please indicate e-mail recipient as PhilmFest@gmail.com.  OR, simply hand-deliver your submission to Phil Faiss or Ross Horvitz at S.E.T. prior to the festival.
If you are unable to hand-deliver your submission, please email me at PhilmFest@gmail.com to make other arrangements.

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